Thursday, August 2, 2018

In The Pipeline, August 2, 2018: Realize The Dream

I've got a new stock music item in the pipeline. I submitted this one to AudioJungle. It's been almost a year since I uploaded anything for consideration there, and I think both the content and sound quality are good enough to fly there.

The item is a motivational track called "Realize The Dream." In most respects, it's pretty standard as corporate/motivational music goes. However, I've been listening to so much stuff that using the same IV-V-vi-I chord progressions with variations that I'm sick of it. So I decided to spice it up by adding the VII into the mix. Also, I just took advantage of an IK Multimedia deal to get the CE version of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 for less than $40 (US) -- less than $30 after I applied available credits -- and really wanted to use the new string samples on this track. As you can hear from the preview below, they are much more lively and realistic than the ones in the original Miroslav or Sample Tank 3, especially the ensemble staccato strings that I used heavily on the track. Here's that 30-second preview from the 2:48 full track.

The package also includes a couple of loops for background bed use. As I mentioned, I submitted this one to AudioJungle, where the average wait time for approval or rejection is 14 days. In about two weeks I should know whether it's gong there, or if I'll submit it to Pond5 and/or MotionElements.

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