Sunday, February 5, 2017

What's Coming Up: Weel of February 6, 2017

I hope all the American football fans stopping by enjoyed the Super Bowl.

Now comes a new week. I'm rolling out new music for podcasts tomorrow (Monday) morning. My podcast music collection is growing with the addition of a bright uptempo intro, a rocker, and a couple of really short intros for science and technology podcasts. I'll be featuring those tomorrow on my Twitter feed. Please follow my feed (or have a look on the sidebar) for details on all the new tracks.

The featured stock music track this week on my main website is "Slow Dramatic Piano and Strings." Please check it out.

If you like the stock music site AudioJungle, stop by my profile there this week where I'm featuring the track "Corporate Inspiration." There's not as much there as at Pond5, but it is all exclusive to AudioJungle. And royalty-free, always.

That's my plan for this week. Thank you for supporting my work by licensing, linking, or just stopping by to catch up. I hope your upcoming week is filled with joy and well-being.

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