Monday, June 5, 2017

You CAN Use Music in Your Podcasts - Here's How

Recently, blogger Steve Goldstein published an interview with legal expert David Oxenford describing the problems with using commercial music in podcasts. Legally, you can't use recorded music in your podcast without getting permission from the person who wrote the music and the person who recorded it. Mr. Oxenford lays this out in detail, and if you'd like the full story, you can access it here.

However, the fact that it's difficult (and potentially expensive) to secure the right to use music in your podcast doesn't mean it's impossible - or that it has to break the bank. There is a way, but before getting into that think about why you'd want to use music in the first place.

Using Music to Set a Mood

Certain songs bring to mind a certain mood or image that you as a podcaster want to create in support of a particular episode or series. It may also bring to mind an era associated with the music. The mood you're trying to set may be deadly serious, or it may be light, fun or energetic. Think about how filmmakers use popular songs in their movies to set a tone for a scene or a whole picture. You're trying to do exactly the same thing.

You might want a rocking intro for your sports podcast or a dramatic orchestral theme for your topical or news podcast. Your arts or discussion podcast might benefit from a stately classical or baroque piece. Maybe you want to convey an edgy, urban vibe. You might want dark ambient music for your true crime podcast. Certainly, music goes a long way toward helping put your audience in the mood, grabbing their attention and holding it.

Using Music to Set or Enhance an Identity

Going hand in hand with setting a mood is the idea of giving your podcast a unique identity. If you're a business marketing to other businesses (B2B) and want your podcast to convey a sense of efficiency and effectiveness, you would want to pick music that establishes that identity in your audience members' minds. As your audience listens to your episodes, they associate the music with you. This helps them to think of you as a trusted supplier or business partner. The same can also be true if you're marketing directly to consumers (B2C).

Choose Royalty-free Music

So how can you set a mood or establish an identity for your podcasting episode or series without going through the hassle of securing expensive performance rights? By choosing good quality royalty-free music. You pay a single fee up front, and can use the music in your episode, worry-free. You can find music that sets the tone just as well as that popular song without all the headaches.

I hope you'll consider my royalty-free collection of music created especially for podcasters. You can find tracks in different lengths, ranging from just a few seconds to 30 seconds long. There are different styles to set the mood or enhance your brand, including corporate, rock, pop, dance, jazz, urban, classical and more. Many have seamless loops you can license to repeat over and over in the background if you want music to talk over.

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