Sunday, April 2, 2017

What's Happening, Week of April 3, 2017

Sweet and bitter for me this week.

That harbinger of spring, baseball season, is back. Around these parts, Opening Day is tomorrow (April 3). I'm not living in Cincinnati at the moment, and I don't plan to go to the Opening Day festivities. But if I cared to, I could make may way to a Skyline Chili here in the Dayton area for a free Cincinnati-style chili cheese coney with mustard (and if I were by myself maybe even onions, too - living dangerously).

Tomorrow would also have been my sister Donna's 69th birthday, so I'll be thinking about her quite a bit.

Meanwhile, there's music stuff to talk about. Two new sets of podcast intro music went online, one corporate, one with a jazz salsa vibe. In addition, I have two new sets waiting in curation at Pond5. One is metal, the other has an urban "old skool" feel. Trying to cover as many bases as possible. I've also finished a promotional video for the podcast music collection and plan to upload that to YouTube either tomorrow or Tuesday. When that's online, I'll let you know here and on Twitter.

I hope the spring is in your step this coming week. Thanks for stopping by, listening and supporting my work.

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