Sunday, December 10, 2017

What's Happening: Week of December 11, 2017

Last week I wrote about what I think has and has not worked in 2017. This week I want to talk a bit about 2018.

One thing I've noticed is that podcast music, which accounted for my growth this year, has attracted attention from at least one music library. I see that a new music service has launched aimed directly at podcasters. It's subscription-based and will probably do well among mid-sized operations. The smaller ones probably won't want to pay a subscription, and the biggest (like NPR) basically have their own in-house music already. Their libraries are geared toward background tracks, not intros. So I think there's still an opportunity for me to continue expanding in this area for a while.

I think I'll also be reorganizing my collections in 2018. Some of the things I'm thinking about include:

  • Splitting my podcast intro collection into smaller segments, including corporate, news/weather/sports, society and culture, and so on
  • De-emphasizing collections like "cimematic and dramatic" in favor of focusing on specific emotions: happy, sad, etc.
I also plan to focus less on holiday music in my social media efforts, and more on corporate and podcasting.

I'm also working on some really ambient, drone-ish music that I may end up releasing commercially early in the new year. These are minimalist pieces that I'm creating on the fly, almost improvised. It's almost like I'm painting with tones for these. Stay tuned for more info.

For the week ahead, I'm featuring Snow Globe on my Twitter feed as my stock music item of the week. If you aren't interested in licensing it but would like download or stream it for personal use, you can find links for major online outlets elsewhere on my blog. This is the last week I'll be featuring Christmas or holiday music on my Twitter feed. Starting next week I'll be featuring items from my romantic collection, with the Christmas season almost over and  St. Valentines's Day just a couple months away.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good week, and if you need music for your creative projects, please check out my Pond5 and AudioJungle portfolios.

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