Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Coming Up: Week of January 30, 2017

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I have a couple of sales to plug at the beginning of this week. Interestingly, one of them was a Christmas track, which I didn't expect this long after the holidays. I'm grateful anyway. Thank you, buyer, for choosing my work. May my 60-second brass arrangement of "Deck the Halls" serve you well.

I'm also excited that someone snapped up my new royalty-free track Ambient Mindfulness Loop last week. I have a similar track awaiting curation and hope to start work on a third one this week (if not today). Thanks for licensing my work. For a preview of this track, check the video immediately below.

On my Twitter feed, I plan to feature various areas of my portfolio. I'll probably do some more promotion of my "romantic" collection since Valentine's Day is closing in. Meanwhile, I might also promote some of the more ominous-sounding stuff and drone soundscapes, what with all the fear over President Trump.

Meanwhile, I have several new tracks in the curation pipeline at Pond5, most of which focus on a very specific niche: podcast intros. I'm planning a variety of tracks in very short lengths (8-25 seconds), designed for corporate, tech, and lifestyle podcasts and vlogs. I've also created a collection that will focus on podcast intros and plan to roll it out on Twitter and Google+ once I have approved content to promote. Stay tuned for more.

Finally, an update on my "experiment" with feel good music. The track I had created based Dr. Jacob Jolij's formula for determining whether music is "feel good" has not sold at AudioJungle. This does not mean the concept isn't sound. It could simply be that there is no interest in that style for production music applications, or there could be something seasonal that influences interest in this kind of music (it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere), or something else going on. (For example, sales over there are really slow.)

I had gotten into the habit of posting every day here, but I may trim that back, so if you don't see anything on a given day when you stop by, please don't despair. I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by for updates, and I do intend to continue my "what's coming up" posts either on Sunday evening or Monday morning Eastern (U. S.) time.

May your week to come be filled with music.

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