Friday, January 20, 2017

Uploading New Videos

I just received approval for five new tracks at Pond5 yesterday. I put together "album cover" videos last night, and will be uploading them to YouTube this morning. The videos will also be on my Twitter feed today.

Three of these new tracks I would describe as "mood" tracks. They're designed to set a mood or to be an aid to meditation. I even titled one of them "Ambient Mindfulness Loop." Two others are new members of my "Dronescapes" collection. One is very deep and dark, while the other has more noise and glitches. The last of the new tracks is a simple piano and orchestra underscore that's actually already out there. I featured it in the background of a simple video I did of a reading from one of Theodore Roosevelt's speeches.

Watch here and on my Twitter feed next week for more on these new tracks and on my new music collection at Pond5.

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