Monday, July 4, 2016

Trying Some Different Things With the Blog

I'm going to make some changes in the blog over the next day or so. As far as the look and feel go, everything will be almost the same as before. There will be no big changes in logo, styling, or other cosmetics.

One change I have in mind is to more closely align this blog with my music page on Google+. As part of that, following this post I'll be changing this blog to send posts to my stream there instead of my personal G+ stream. Those of you reading this on my personal stream can either just come to the blog or follow my G+ music page. I hope you'll do both. Doing this will allow me to organize my interests a bit better, with music-related things here and the G+ music stream and everything else on my personal stream. That also means I'll be doing some following and unfollowing over the next few days to get my interests lined better, too.

The other change is that I'm going to stop using jump breaks. If you come here to read whatever I'm writing, there should be no need to click on another link to get a full version of a post. Frankly, I don't get enough traffic here to justify that level of pretentiousness anyway, and much of what I do get is referral spam. If you actually come here to read my posts, thank you; I hope this makes things a little more convenient for you. I'm also going to reduce the number of posts that appear on each page.

With that, I'll go on my merry way for now. I have some non-music projects in the works and plan to focus on those over the coming days and weeks, but will continue to promote my new and old music. In the meantime, I hope everyone in the USA who reads this has enjoyed the long Independence Day weekend.

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