Monday, July 25, 2016

In an Ambient Mood

I've been using the word "ambient" in a lot of my stock music titles recently. This week's featured track at my main website is "Ambient Contemplation." I've also recently uploaded "Ambient Efficiency," "Ambient Cosmos," and "Ambient Space." The latter two are specifically designed to have a more space music type of electronic feel for things like science and technology presentations. So I guess I need to lay off the ambient thing for a while.

In the meantime, my next two tracks in the pipeline at AudioJungle are more conventional. "Decision Point" is another in a long line of slowly-building pieces. The idea is to evoke the sense of the mounting tension leading up to a big decision, followed by a quiet coda that symbolizes getting it right. "Action Adventure" is pretty much self-explanatory. We'll see if and where they get approved.

Also, I signed up for an account on Bandcamp. I don't have anything uploaded there yet, because I haven't decided on my next project as yet. I have some new ambient tracks in various stages of completion (there's that "a" word again). But I'm also considering releasing some things I've worked on over the years but haven't put out. I'm thinking about putting them out under the general heading of "lost decades." I have some smooth jazz/new agey stuff from the 80s, as well as some electronica from the 00s. Still mulling that. Stay tuned for updates when and if I figure it all out myself.

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