Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Uplifting Corporate Motivation" is Live!

In my last post, I previewed a new royalty-free stock music track titled "Uplifting Corporate Motivation." I had submitted the track to AudioJungle, which rejected it. I think the overall sound and production quality is OK, but they may not have cared for the intro and coda. I did tweak the sound a little, slightly reducing the volume on the drum tracks, taking a little more bass out of the mix and pumping up the volume ever so slightly. I also removed the intro and coda, leaving the meat of the track: a buildup to a sort of shout chorus. I submitted the alternate version to Pond5, which just approved it for sale. Here's the final result.

If you like this track and want to use it for your commercial, presentation, or event, you can license it here.

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