Thursday, December 22, 2016


I'm heartbroken by the loss of my sister, Donna French, today. Donna passed away shortly after 3:00 EDT this afternoon due to complications of heart disease. Donna was 68. She had suffered a series of health problems over the past year and a half, culminating in several heart episodes beginning this fall. Each one left her a little weaker, and after the last one on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving she simply wasn't recovering.

Donna made the decision late last week to stop fighting and let nature take its course. She went home under hospice care and rested comfortably until the end. I'm so thankful that I was able to see her last night when she was particularly alert. She acknowledged when I told her I loved her and squeezed my hand.

Because she was much older than I, Donna was in many respects like a second mom when I was very little. After I grew up, she was extremely supportive of my in all my endeavors and forgiving of my mistakes. As she struggled in recent months we grew closer and I feel blessed to have been there for her as she had been there for me. I will miss her terribly.

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