Monday, September 19, 2016

A Few Updates for Sept. 19, 2016

"Action Logo 1" is my featured stock music track this week. It's a quick, hard-hitting orchestral intro that's great for kicking off podcasts, news, documentaries, and similar projects. Please check it out here.

Some interesting news from CD Baby, the outfit that's distributing my single Dream Catcher and album Circadia. Seems they are partnering with Amazon's CD-on-demand program to make all of CD Baby's album catalog available to order on CD from Amazon for $9.99 a copy. According to CD Baby, this will include albums like Circadia that were originally released as download-only. This means if you're into CDs you can get Circadia on CD before the end of the year. I'll provide more details when I have them.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on building my stock music portfolio. I'm now over 300 total tracks, available on four different market platforms.

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