Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Work in Process

I've added nothing new to my portfolio in the last week or so, as I've been working on non-music projects. I've not been ignoring the music entirely, though. I'm working on a collection of action-suspense cuts. These will be suitable for dramatic underscores like you hear behind narration in science and documentary videos on Discover or NatGeo.

Each cut will feature a repetitive score with variations, followed by a short build to a climax for setting up the next scene. I hope to offer four variations on each: a 1:30-1:45 cut; a shorter :30-:45 cut; a really short piece that will be just the build to climax; and a looped version. I have two in the works now, and hope to add more. Check back for details.

Also, In case anyone was paying attention and remember that I had announced my intention (hope) to independently release an album this year, obviously that isn't going to happen. I'm now hoping for 2014.

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