Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Ideas Kidnap You

As the title of this post indicates, sometimes I feel like musical ideas come along from seemingly out of nowhere and hold me hostage. Once captive, I have to finish them or else. Or else what? It haunts me and interferes with the rest of my life until I get it into a form I can publish, or at least call "finished enough." As I've mentioned before, I'm a perfectionist, and have been known to revisit something I committed to analog or digital media 20 or more years ago just because the muse bugs me and whispers in my ear "the bass could be just a little louder." So this can absolutely drive me nuts.

Other times I get started on an idea, work on it for an hour so, and then just run out of gas. It's almost as though I'm hunting through my mind for a sound I want to make. Within in an hour or so, I'm either committed to make it happen or I sort of "lose the scent" and the music seems to escape me. My excitement level suddenly flags, and then the inspiration flees as quickly as it showed up. At times like that I often wonder if I don't like where my muse is going with an idea, or if it's the other way around.

Strange how in all of this I compare myself both to a captive and a predator. It is dinnertime yet?

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